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Over the years, Word has established itself as the word processor of choice by many people worldwide. Every year, Word is constantly updating and it currently boasts for new and improved features across the board and proves its usefulness in reading, editing and creating documents.

Without a doubt, word is the most popular productivity suite across the globe, which is highly used in different walks of life whether in the business, personal and educational environments.

Considering its demand in the public, free word online is now available online. With recent years, the new generation of online applications, made this accessible for everyone. This is designed to be freely available to users to increase their efficiency and output, regardless of the undertaking. Individuals looking to increase competency and productivity levels should use Word Online. This is compatible with any type of browsers.

On the other hand, word online completely provides new opportunities for working with documents and for this reason; it slowly breaks the monopoly of Microsoft word as the word processor choice.

Microsoft Word Drawback

Buying licensed word software can be too expensive. Plus it has to be installed in your computer; this can be a hassle to novice users. With word online, you can use this type of word processor and avoid the hassles.

Word online has very nice and clean interface and looks like the closest online clone of Microsoft Word. So it should be easy to use even if it is your first time you’ve word processor online.

Advantages of word online

This word processor loads fairly quickly and is the best option for your online word processing job because it works in all kinds of gadgets. If you are a blogger or you are out and don’t have access to computer and would like to work on your partial post or content, then this is the best way to go. The whole thing is very well designed and properly laid out.

Disadvantages of word online

This main disadvantage of word online is that this is less functional. This doesn't allow sharing and there is no way to collaborate with other users. Of course, just like other word processors, they don’t work without Internet connection.

How to use word online

The features of word online are probably the closest clone to Microsoft word. From the first glance of its interface, it looks remarkably like the Word. However, it doesn’t open to new window to create new document.

When typing the content, you have to position your cursor in the white box. The toolbars are found at the top part of the box. Also you can find several buttons and dropdowns in the toolbar and depends on what you want to do, the options are all there.

Other features

If you are done with the content, you can download the file in word format. You can also choose to fill in your details in the global information section and your keywords. You can also choose your preferred page settings and layout, and then you are good to go.

The good thing about this is its simplicity. The options are all there if you need them but the interface is properly streamlined. This makes it very user friendly and ultimately become the standard online word processor.